In December 2016 Alexa Miller graduated from Ohio University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication while majoring in Infographics and Publication Design. 

She's been fortunate enough to complete two internships while at OU. Summer 2015 she was hired on at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in Pittsburgh, PA, as a Graphics Intern and Fall 2015 she was hired on at Southwest Airlines in Dallas, TX, as a Visual Communications Intern.

Summer 2016 she worked in Idyllwild, CA at Astrocamp (Guided Discoveries) as a camp counselor and also as a member of the Audio/Visual Production team. There, she worked mostly with photography and videography, creating and editing both.

Alexa now lives in Pittsburgh, PA as an associate designer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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For business inquiries please email ajmiller4712@gmail.com

 Alexa Miller Resume